Allergy & Immunotherapy

Basis Allergy and Immunotherapy Clinic is here to not only identify what you’re allergic to, but also provide comprehensive counselling on allergen avoidance, medication management and cutting edge non-invasive treatments including sublingual immunotherapy. We develop individualized treatment plans based on your anatomy, extent of disease and correlation with allergies. We are here to help you gain control of your allergies to move forward with confidence.

Basis is recognized as the first and only education program in Canada for otolaryngologists interested in incorporating allergy & immunotherapy into their practice. We are proud to be helping other clinics adopt the "Basis Way", providing holistic and specialized care that is accessible and welcoming.

Services Overview

  1. Testing for locally-relevant environmental and household allergies.
  2. Sublingual allergy immunotherapy: the chance for cure.
  3. Comprehensive nasal and sinus anatomy assessment.
  4. Take-home allergy drops: allergy treatment without the needles.
  5. Option of minimally-invasive procedure or surgery in certain cases.
  6. Counselling on reducing your allergen exposure and medication review