I fully trust Deanne with my face. I was nervous to start with injectables, but I really wasn’t happy with my deep crows feet, and Deanne made the experience so comfortable. I love that her dosing of units is evidence based. She landmarks anatomy every single time to make sure the injection sites are spot on, and I have been thrilled with the results. Her entire process is very professional. Even though I now live two provinces away, I travel back for Dysport so that Deanne can be the one to do it. The best!


In a world where it seems like a new skincare line is born every day, I found myself drowning in online data and completely overwhelmed in what started out as an enthusiastic search for a clinically formulated skincare regime. After realizing I needed to work with a skincare professional in order to navigate through the information and achieve my skin goals, my search terms quickly changed. Cue in Deanne. Living in Vancouver, Deanne was extremely helpful and patient in working remotely with me to recommend products that were not only backed by research, but also based on her personal experience and use with them. A year later, Deanne continues to steer and adapt my skincare regime and has helped me comfortably explore non-surgical and medical aesthetic solutions when I have had the opportunity to visit her at her beautiful location in Kelowna.I completely trust Deanne because of her custom vs cookie cutter treatment plans, medical vs cosmetic core, zero high pressure sales tactics, and super approachable personality, to say the least.


Let me start by saying how kind, passionate and intelligent Deanne is working in her field. She truly is so thorough and made me feel so comfortable through my entire Dysport and Botox session. Her knowledge of facial anatomy is top notch and it shows as her work and results are meticulous. I’ve gone to other injectors in the past and Deanne’s work has surpassed my previous results, not only for a beautiful natural look but also longevity of my results. She is the only one who I trust my injections to. I also get my ZO skincare from her and she is so knowledgeable on each product whenever I have questions. I trust Deanne for all my cosmetic injections and skincare needs.


I highly recommend Deanne and her amazing work. She thoughtfully guided me through the process and explained how each Dysport and Botox placement was made to safely ensure a fantastic result. I feel so much more confident and comfortable in my skin now!


I've met with both Deanne Pilsner RN,  and Dr. Jon Dautremont over the past year for several Botox treatments. Their combined knowledge and expertise have given me the confidence I expected from a healthcare professional to administer this type of facial rejuvenation. They both genuinely care about their work and their patients' experience. I also have complete confidence in Deanne's technique, and I appreciate her attention to detail and would highly recommend her services to anyone considering this type of treatment.


I can’t recommend Basis and Nurse Deanne enough for injections. She’s professional and makes you feel totally comfortable with the process. From pictures to marking to the actual injections she’s the best I’ve had. She’s incredibly talented at getting natural but effective results. You’ll have people saying, your skin looks amazing or did you get your hair done, it looks awesome. Which are exactly the results I’m looking for.


The staff at this clinic were so welcoming and kind to me. It was my first botox appointment so I was nervous, but they made me feel so comfortable. They answered any questions I had, judgement free. I loved the treatment I received and would recommend this clinic to anyone looking.


"I can crunch raw carrots again!" Thanks to Dr Dautremont, and Deanne at Basis, I am almost completely pain free and able to have a full yawn.  I was referred for TMD after having left jaw pain for years. I thought a clicking jaw when yawning and eating was normal for me, then headaches and lots of pain on that left side. The pain just kept increasing. I was very anxious and not really convinced it would work, as the only other treatment was major dental surgery. From the moment I entered Basis clinic I was professionally welcomed and guided through what the process would be, I met with Deanne and Dr Dautremont (ON TIME!) and felt comfortable and that I was being heard. I asked a lot of questions and booked for treatment. I am enjoying a good yawn and actually biting into apples instead of cutting them up! For me this worked I will continue treatment as needed and would highly recommend this team of professionals. By the way Deanne is a gentle poker! 


Deanne and Dr. Dautremont have an excellent collaborative approach to health care and creating treatment plans.  With each treatment, Deanne revisits my needs, expectations and explains each step of the way.  They are also very knowledgeable when it comes to preventative skin care and product recommendations.  I would definitely recommend them for all of your medical aesthetics needs.


During my initial consultation, I was feeling nervous and unsure about what approach or treatments to ask for. Dr. Jon Dauremont and Deanne Pilsner’s combined expertise helped provide me with the confidence on what treatments to pursue. I appreciated Deanne’s knowledgeable, calm and detailed approach and felt confident in her skill set. I loved the results of my Dysport which I have since been getting between my eyebrows and all over my forehead. If I have any friends or family asking for recommendations on who to consult with for their skin care, I highly recommend Basis Clinic!


For eight years I have struggled with chronic pain in my sinuses, jaw, and ears. I was starting to feel that I was going to go crazy and would never find help. After a visit with my family doctor, I was referred to Dr. Jon Dautremont. My first meeting with him was life changing. He listened to my concerns, addressed them, ordered tests, provided some medications and a follow up appointment.  At my follow up, it was determined that I have Temporomandibular Dissorder (TMD), and thankfully it can be treated with Botox. He referred me to R.N Deanne Pilsner at Basis, a division of the ENT clinic onsite. When I met with Deanne I was blown away with how knowledgeable and informative she was. After my first treatment I finally had relief from my chronic pain. I was so thrilled with my results and the care I was given that I decided to switch my cosmetic Botox treatments over to Basis, and I have been very happy with my decision. Deanne takes the time to explain why certain muscles can be injected, why others shouldn't be and also takes the time to explain long term benefits for the future. It is so refreshing to have this experience and it makes me confident with my future cosmetic and skin care needs. I have never recevied so many compliments on how good my skin looks and I have Deanne to thank for that.