Why Basis?

Medicine shouldn’t be intimidating, confusing or uncomfortable. At Basis we are committed to breaking down the barriers that exist between patient and medical professional, making you feel confident, comfortable and welcome before, during and after treatment.

Basis has been developed and is run by head and neck surgeon, Dr. Jon Dautremont and registered nurse Deanne Pilsner who have a deep understanding of the head and neck function and anatomy. This unique experience allows for effective treatment across all three of our clinics: ENT & Surgical, Allergy and Medical Aesthetics.

The Basis Way

We pride ourselves on The Basis Way: Where the science of medicine and the art of customer experience collide for an unparalleled patient experience.

Our renowned and trusted medical team of highly skilled physicians are experts in aesthetic surgery, aesthetic injectables and cosmetic chemistry.

Meet Our Experts

Medical Director & Surgeon

Jon Dautremont, MD MSc FRCSC

Dr. Jon Dautremont completed medical school at the University of Saskatchewan, receiving scholarships for academic excellence throughout. He completed a surgical residency in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Calgary, attaining a fellowship into the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, along with additional training in evaluating and managing allergic diseases and facial plastic & reconstructive techniques. Following this specialty training, Dr. Dautremont began his clinical practice in Calgary and subsequently brought his practice to the Okanagan. He is also appointed as a Clinical Lecturer at the University of British Columbia and is involved with teaching and research in addition to treating patients. 

Basis, Dr. Dautremont's clinic, is located in the South Pandosy area of Kelowna. He operates at Kelowna General Hospital and the Okanagan Health Surgical Centre.

Dr. Dautremont has contributed to the knowledge of his specialty by publishing numerous peer-reviewed research articles. He has presented this work at national and international conferences and has received award recognition for its quality. He has also completed a Master of Science degree in Healthcare Quality through Queen's University, gaining further expertise in the policy and application of high-quality, patient-focused healthcare, which is showcased in practice daily at Basis.

Clinician & Injector

Deanne Pilsner, RN BSN

Deanne graduated with a Nursing Degree, and Bachelor of Nursing in 2011 from the University of Lethbridge. She started her career as a registered nurse (RN) in Calgary, Alberta at the Foothills Medical Centre specializing in high risk obstetrics, and operative nursing for nearly a decade. Deanne transitioned into clinical nursing in Head and Neck Surgery, working with Dr. Jon Dautremont in 2017 as his practice manager. 

Passionate about accessible, high quality health care, Deanne believes in continually advancing her education to offer the best possible care to her patients which led to the formation of Basis and each of its specialty clinics, Basis ENT & Surgical, Basis Allergy & Immunotherapy and Basis Medical Aesthetics. 

After noting that many of Dr. Dautremont’s allergic rhinitis patients faced long wait times after referral, Deanne and Dr. Dautremont decided to take matters into their own hands and became accredited by the American Academy of Otolaryngologic Allergy themselves. This allowed them to put their patients first and open their own allergy clinic in 2017 significantly speeding up diagnostic and treatment time.

Basis Allergy & Immunotherapy is also proud to be recognized as the only education program in Canada for otolaryngologists interested in incorporating Allergy & Immunotherapy into their practice. The Basis program is praised for its holistic approach with testing, physical assessment and counselling on avoidance, medications and immunotherapy. Deanne is proud to be helping Otolaryngologists in Canada serve their patients in a more efficient and effective manner. 

Basis Medical Aesthetics was founded under the same mindset. Clients were presenting with temporomandibular disorder and/or myofascial pain to Dr. Dautremont which was something he and Deanne knew they could address in-house without having to refer patients to another clinic. Therefore Deanne became accredited in all three levels of the industry's golden standard advanced neuromodulator training for cosmetic upper, mid, and lower face as well as, neck and therapeutic treatments including myofascial pain, temporomandibular pain, headaches and migraine staying true to her never stop learning, patient first mindset. She also achieved certifications in dermal fillers, and a number of other facial treatment modalities.

Deanne is proud to be a founding member of Basis along with Dr. Dautremont and its unique patient first vision across ENT, Allergy and Medical Aesthetic complementary disciplines.